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    If your student is marked absent by their teacher, you will receive an automated call & email at 12:00 p.m. and again at 3:00 p.m. if not cleared by then.
    IN THIS TIME OF COVID-19 it is best that you EMAIL any reason for absences to: Luciana Morgan @
    All emails will receive a reply, to assure receipt.
    Please remember to always back up any doctor, ortho, or therapy appointments with a DOCTOR's NOTE for any class time where the student misses ½ hour or more. Please be sure to email all doctor's notes as soon as possible to the above email.
    In these “different” times it will be best to EMAIL the attendance office and COPY all teachers who will need to know of the absence. Arrangements for missed class time and assignments will be between the student and the teacher.
    Phone calls will be retrieved remotely and returned as needed, as soon as possible. Please be sure to speak slowly and clearly leaving the following information:
    ● Your name
    ● Your student’s name (include the last name if it is different than yours)
    ● The reason for the absence, tardy, or the need to leave class time early.
    Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook for all other Attendance policies. See pages 7 & 8.
    Frequently Requested forms:
    Justifiable Absent Request
    Home Hospital Request
    Please email Mrs. Morgan for details. 
    Office Number: (831) 646-6535