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At Community High we believe in teaching the students through a wide variety of projects and activities. The students also enjoy having members of our community as guest speakers Additionally, we take many field trips to add experiences outside of the traditional classroom setting.
woman doing karate demonstration
woman breaking board
karate demonstration
tie-die clothing
tye-die clothing
students making tie-dye cloth
students gathered outside
plaque reading pacific grove art center
pictures on wall
student in car
students looking at raised car
students working on car
student working on car
student hiking on trail
students climbing on rocky beach
student standing on beach
people watching cooking demonstration
people gathered in hard hats and hazard vests
people gathered wearing construction gear
students looking at creature in water tank
students conducting mock interviews
group photo
students conducting mock interviews
students conducting mock interviews
woman in ceremonial dress posing with student
people standing with chinese dragon
student playing with dog
man speaking to class
people conducting mock interviews
students cooking
student bowling
chef working in kitchen
people on road hitchhiking
Chinese dragon dancing
marine and navy flag guard
student looking at 3d printer
woman looking at 3d printer
people seated outside
student cooking
students seated outdoors
students in marine lab
students looking and sea urchins
school sign
student cooking
two men speaking