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About Us

The Pacific Grove Unified School District is comprised of two elementary schools, a middle school, a comprehensive high school, a continuation high school (us!), and an adult school. The district is 3.3 square miles, covering the entire city of Pacific Grove and a small portion of Pebble Beach. Established in 1971, Pacific Grove Community High School is designed for at-risk students who might require an alternative to the traditional teaching and learning approaches of our comprehensive high school.
Students attend school five days per week, at least three and a half hours a day. During direct instruction (on Tuesdays and Thursdays), students are split into two one-hour sessions; half of the students attend English/social studies, while the rest attend math/science. After a 15-minute break, students rotate to the other class. During the remaining 45-minute period, students attend a physical education class, or may continue to work on individual assignments. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, students work on individualized assignments, and have the opportunity to work with teachers in areas in which they might be struggling. Students have a daily option to seek extra tutoring, and can also meet with one of our career and mental health counselors on any of several days they are available on site.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Pacific Grove Community High School provides a small, non-traditional learning environment in which students can pursue an alternative pathway to college and career success.
We seek to: 
- Provide a challenging project-based curriculum that emphasizes student strengths and is individualized to meet the learning needs of each student 
- Create a holistic environment in which students’ diverse emotional, social, and cultural needs are recognized and celebrated 
- Maximize opportunities for students to become responsible citizens who participate actively in their communities, both today and into the future 
Community High School Graduates Will Be:

Community High School Graduates Will Be:

Educated Individuals:
  • Demonstrate competence in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and technology.
Critical Thinkers & Problem Solvers:
  • Think through and solve problems by using relevant evidence and information.
Independent & Collaborative Workers:
  • Set goals, organize time and tasks to meet deadlines, participate cooperatively in group projects and produce independent and group work that reflects academic content standards.
Responsible Citizens:
  • Are employable and able to successfully participate in a college environment
  • Understand and appreciate diverse cultures and points of view 
  • Understand and participate in duties, rights, and privileges of citizens in a democracy.
Healthy Individuals:
  • Have a strong sense of self-worth
  • Demonstrate tolerance and respect for diversity
  • Resolve conflicts through positive action