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“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I may remember.
Involve me and I will learn.”

Pacific Grove Community High is a continuation school located in Pacific Grove, California. The goal of the school is to help students unlock their potentials and achieve their personal career goals. When entering the school, every student sets up an individual learning plan. This plan directs student learning throughout the year. We incorporate project-based learning, online learning, and access to outside agencies to help the students stay on track. Some courses and special activities that we offer include: Music, Art, skateboard making, and organic gardening, in addition to the standards-based core curriculum of Science, Math, Social Science, English, and Health.

Watch the video below of our campus!


Real Student Quotes

“I love the hands-on learning. PGCHS helps me more than any other school has.”

“I get to choose my assignments!”

“You can specifically work on what you want, when you want.”